Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kick out Summer Bash

Fellow Sleadheads!!

Now I don't usually get excited about the snowmobile season until late October when the trees are losing their leaves and the temperature at night freezes the dogs water bowls outside.

But I got to tell ya after talking with Don and Barry about doing a kick off to the new season with the new 2013 sleds from both Polaris and the Ski-Doo's
I got excited!!

We started with "Hey we ought to try to get some big names here from each of the manufactures" From there it all just started to fall in place perfectly.

From Polaris we have the one and only Chris Burandt. Chris has been a huge influence to the Freestyle world for the past several years. And now he has turned that freestyle way of riding into the new way to ride in the Backcountry. He has also competed in the X Games from 2002 -2010.
Here is a little more info on Chris.

From Ski-Doo we are getting who I think is one of the best Freerider, Backcountry gurus I have ever had the pleasure to ride with.
Bret Rasmussen!
Bret has been a long time professional racer, rider, R&D, for Arctic Cat and just this month announced that he is riding for BRP!!!
This is great news for all of you hard core Ski-Doo riders.. I can guarantee you that BRP along with Bret will be pushing the envelope every year on the newest latest greatest backcountry mountain sled!
The first time I rode with Bret it was in the Sierra Madres in 2008  It snowed so hard and so much that when we left Bart Butcher's house in Encampment the plows had not plowed the rode up to the parking lot yet. Needless to say Bart and I where excited as all get out. We go flying up the highway and the snow is getting deeper and deeper with every half mile up towards the top. We see a big trailer stopped in the middle of the highway and it's Bret Rasmussen, he's out there putting chains on his truck.
Well to keep this story short about a half mile later with snow up to the middle of the truck doors Bart and I are stuck and Bret goes right past us smiling.
Now back to the "BASH"
El-Mark O lanes 2800 CY Ave.
Casper Wy.
Starting at 5:00 pm
We will have food and drinks along with a few of the new 13's out on display and will be available to answer any questions you all may have.
Free giveaways from...
Driven Powersports
Shade Tree
Masek Sports
plus others...
GRAND PRIZE.. will be a $5.00 raffle "Get away weekend in Encampment"!  (all proceeds go to the Wyoming Search and Rescue)
Sierra Madres Adventure (SMA)
Located on the edge of Encampment and just 10 minutes from parking in the Sierra Madres
SMA is the old "Hayden House" it was the headquarters for the Forrest Service for years in Encampment.
You and 3 guest will get a 2 night stay and 2 days of riding in the Madres guided by yours truly.
We will accommodate to any riding style to assure anyone and everyone will have a great time.
Dates will be adjustable for conditions.
Now if your not getting excited for this upcoming season by now, you need to come on down and check out the changes in our showroom. The 13's are getting put together and they are starting to show up out on the showroom floor.
So come one, come all.... until then..... Think SNOW?
David (DC TURBO) Chadderdon

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter is Coming!

Fellow Sleadheads,
It seems that the winter has been slow to show up this year.
Well take a look at what's going to happen up North in the Togwotee area this week!!


I've got more miles on my snowboard than I do on my sled.. Now it looks like Winter is going to show up with vengeance!  (Knock on Wood)
And just in time for our customer appreciation weekend. Jan 28th.
I am looking forward to get to see everyone again up at the lodge and out on the snow.

I have been getting out as much as I can. So far I have been to Togwotee over the New Years weekend and the snow was great Awesome!
One of my favorite riding areas is going up to the North East through the trees to Angle Mountain.
My normal way up can take you 15-25 minutes, depending on who gets stuck and in what tree well, Well this time it took us 2 and a half hours!!
That's what I call a good day!

The Snowy Range has been a real disappointment so far this year with just a few areas that still have some snow hidden in the trees and drainages.
The Sierra Madres have been about the same. The wind has really done some damage and has kept any snow from really sticking on the top of most slopes and you have to pick your way through the rocks and stumps.
We have really been spoiled from the last 2 record breaking years in the snowfall down south.

I also have been riding up on Casper Mountain and I got to tell ya, I have been pleasantly surprised by the snow conditions up there.

People have been asking me when I am going to install the turbo on the new sled. Well while I was playing golf with my folks in Arizona, Chad Westbrook did the install for me. So when I got back it was ready to rock.. Thanks again Chad!
I have just over 200 miles on it and this thing rips! I have been running 8-10#'s of boost and I am really enjoying it.
The new turbo kit from Boondocker has a couple new features that make it even more user friendly than last years.
At 10#'s this thing is a real handful especially on a 155 skid. It's been a new experience to steer the sled with more body english than what I was use to on last years 163 skid. Sean Mortensen from Rawlins makes it look easy... or at least less out of control than anyone else can.
I am working on some rear skid modifications so I can keep more track in the snow and the skis not so high in the air.
The turbo sleds are a blast to ride.

Another engine mod that we have been doing down at Driven, is the SLP stage 3 and Stage 4 kits. For around $2800.00 installed. (Stage 4) On the stage 4 kit you gain 20 horsepower and this kit is as easy as add gas and oil and you are ready to fly.
The kit has been very user friendly and the bottom end is awesome. every time I get to ride one it just make me wonder if I can put a turbo on a stage 4 kit?  Hmmm?
On either kit vs stock it's not even close.. If you are thinking about sneaking up on your buddies check out the stage 3 or the stage 4 kit from SLP.
The stage 3 kit is around 15 horsepower gain and is also a real sleeper. ($2300.00) installed
SLP has hit a homerun on these kits and for the guys out there that have done the stage 4 kit they still have perma grins on there face.
Get with the staff out front for more info on the kits.

As for my monthly rides, Barry and I will look at some dates starting next month and we will also visit with everyone up in Togwotee and get some ideas of what works and go from there.

I am really looking forward on getting out there and ride with as many of you as I can. So stay tuned for monthly updates on conditions and rides.
We will see you at Togwotee next week.

Happy Sledding!!
David (DC Turbo) Chadderdon

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thanks for attending!!

Fellow Sledheads...

It was great to see so many of you at the Avalanche safety course!
I hope everyone learned a few things and came out of the class with a greater appreciation for avalanches.
Mike Duffy does a great job and makes everyone aware of the dangers that we all take for granted when we are out in the backcountry.
It's not to discourage riding in the backcountry but to make us all aware of possible dangers and to keep ourselves out of the reach of possible dangers with "safe zones"  Know which hills are loaded from wind and how to test smaller hills to see how extreme the avalanche dangers may be that day.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that so many of you at the class did raise your hands when asked how many of you have beacons...
Now if you are like me, the scariest part of an avalanche rescue is "am I prepared?" "Can I keep a cool head?" The best thing to do is PRACTICE!!!! with your beacon.
If you feel comfortable on how to use your beacon you will feel more confident during a search.
Get together with a few of your riding buddies and go hide a beacon and let the others go find it.. Time the search and keep trying to better yourselves.
A great place to do this is up at Beartrap Meadow. Use the big exposed hill as your site.. I bet as soon as other people see you doing this you would have more people come join in.
Barry and I will try to organize a day in Dec. to be up there and get things started.. We will keep you informed.

Mike Duffy also touched on what to carry with you for an emergency. I have touched on this last year on my BLOG.
Take a look at it and make sure you have all of the necessities to be able to stay the night out in the backcountry.
Scroll down to.. "What to carry in your sled for survival"

Here is the site to go to to check on Avalanche danger.. Unfortunately the only area that has info for our state is for the Jackson area.
I use the Colorado area to get a good idea on what's going on in the Snowy Range and the Sierra Madres.

Its always good to watch the weather for storms and to check how much snow our favorite riding areas are getting.
Here is the Snotel site for Wyoming. Mark this as favorite so you can keep informed.

How to use it..
The map is of Wyoming.. the dots on the map indicate a snotel site. click your favorite riding areas and then another screen will pop up... go to the top row.. standard sensors. and go to the far right of that row and click last "seven days" under the "HOURLY"... This will bring up the history of the last seven days every hour and will show you... Temp. high and low. Snow depth. and water equivalent...  This is a great site.

Also don't forget to take advantage of the coupons you received at the Avy. class

As always Thanks for reading and I will see you on the mountains!!
David Chadderdon

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011-2012 season

Fellow Sledheads!!

I hope all of you have enjoyed the great weather we had this summer but summer is giving in to Fall and that means
hunting season is in full swing and this is the time I start to get excited for the upcoming sledding season.

The 2012 sleds are starting to show up and my excitement to get going is high.
The new Polaris Pro's are showing up on the showroom and the "Retro" color package looks great and is becoming my favorite.
The 2012 Ski Doo's are suppose to be showing up mid October and I cant wait to get them out.

Now is the time I like to get my wish list together on all of the aftermarket products that I would like to try out.
I am going to share ride time on a 2012 Ski-Doo X 163 and the Polaris Assault 155 with the 5.1 powder track.
The Ski-Doo I am leaving stock and the Assault is getting a make over.

Top of the list is a Turbo.
 There is some "new and improved" on the Boondocker turbo kit.   Price $6740.00 installed
First off they are adding 2 secondary injectors to the air box to help with the fueling. This has to also help with the reeds life.
You will have 2 options with the air box. One is the new "Torque box" that looks like a rams horn and Boondocker is claim quicker response and more bottom end torque.
The other is an intercooler to help keep the charge temperatures down and keep the power more consistent. With this new intercooler you should be able to run more
Another new improvement on the kit is a variable sensor that adds and subtract boost with the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) You set your boost at a max and it's set for full throttle.  So if you are at half throttle or 50% and you set your max boost for 10#"s you are only using 50% of that or 5#"s. In other words, when you are cruising through the trees your not needing full boost at half throttle. It will be a more stock power curve feeling all through out the power band.

Second on my list is...
Air Frame running boards from sled solutions.   Price $465.00 plus installation
These running boards are the ultimate in traction and keeping the snow from piling up.
I hope to get these installed before we hit the snow.
The C&A Pro skis..   Price $525.00  This price includes the mounting hardware.
These skis have always been one of the best aftermarket skis for years. I have tried them out on friends sleds and have notice how easy they make the front end of the sled feel light on the snow. So I want to try them out this year on my sled.
The Timbersled rear skid for the Polaris.   Price $2510.00 plus installation.  Full skid with new straight rails and the exit x 1 shocks.
The boys at Timbersled have really been working on 2 things for their suspension. One, light weight. They have cut out 
5#'s from the already light stock skid from the Polaris Pro. Second.. Improve the ride and the transfer to keep the skid from digging into the snow.
Timbersled is quickly becoming a favorite among the guys with the turbo sleds to help keep the front ends down while climbing the steep chutes.
These are just a few of the items I hope to try out this season.  I am sure I will find more.
As I get some time on the snow with these products I will write about my findings and let you all know about the pros and cons.
October 18th....  AVALANCHE SAFETY COURSE!!!  6:00 at Driven powersports.
This is a must for anyone and everyone.. Avalanches can and will happen when you least expect it...
Sign up NOW.. this class is limited to 50 people and we are over half way full.
I hope to see everyone up in Togwotee for the customer appreciation ride this year. January 28-29th. And rumor has it that Dan Adams Professional backcountry rider for Polaris will be there riding with us.
Check with the staff and sign-up early, because this does fill up quickly.
We will again break up in different groups.. ability and family, to keep the sizes where we can keep track of everyone and to be sure everyone has a great time.
(I promise not to break down again)
I will again be offering group rides down in the Sierra Madres once a month starting in January. I will keep you posted with upcoming emails.
If any of you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share please send me an email.
dcturbo  (soon to change)
Thanks for reading and let it snow!
David Chadderdon

Monday, January 31, 2011

Pro RMK turbo build

All right let the fun begin!!!!

I finally took the plunge. I couldn't handle it anymore, I had to have some BOOST!!
I decided to go with the Boondocker Turbo kit, because the ease of the install and the simplicity of the kit.

The kit itself comes in 2 boxes and was the easiest installation of all.
I have helped out in several installations of "Superchargers" and "Turbo kits" in the Yamaha's
And this Boondocker kit was a breeze.
With the help of Matt Desch and Matt Frisby we had the turbo kit itself installed  in about 2 hours.
The installation of the EGT's and the EBC. (Electronic Boost Control) took another 4 or so hours.

The first day out.
On the first day we were in the Madres and Barry and I didn't have very good luck on trying to tune this kit and we were actually talking about bagging it and going back to the trailer.
We were having a tough time cleaning out the bottom end and not hit the "DET" sensor on every pull up a hill.
With the help of Sean Mortenson from Rawlins we got it cleaned up somewhat.

That night the light bulb went off in my head and I remembered that the instructions called for a "calibration of the EBC to the Boondocker box"  I wanted to check that and make sure I did that correctly during the install.
Well I didn't.. So good news, once I got the boxes talking to each other correctly the sled came to life and now we have a sled that rips!!!
Great low end response and strong mid range.
The clutching was a little off and I was not getting the full RPM's that I needed. So time to reclutch.

I have not been back out since then and now Boondocker has a new program that is suppose to make it even easier to tune and also will let you run up to 11.5 pounds of boost!! That's around 75 horsepower added to the stock 150 hp.

We will have this sled up in Togwotee on the customer appreciation ride Feb. 5th to show you and if you dare to take it for a spin.

So here is to the boys in the back, the unsung heros that keep our sleds rocking!
Thanks boys. I owe you a beer!

If you have any questions on the kit let me know or give Barry a call.

As always thanks for following my blog,
and Happy Sledding!
DC Turbo

enjoy the pics.
The Matt's working hard.
Barry, I don't know what he was doing???
 This is all of the kit.. Simple
The turbo is nice and low to keep the center of gravity low.
Matt Desch
 Installing the EGT's

Wiring time... not so fun.

Nice clean look.

This is what you need to expect with the Boondocker Turbo kit!!
Oh yaa it is that much fun!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sundays Ride Jan 9th Sierra Madres

Here is a cool look at the trail that the "Spot" tracking did for the ride we had yesterday.

We adventured out to a new area that we hadn't tried before.. Some of the coolest tree riding areas I have ever seen or done!">Jan. 9th  Cow Creek Res. and drainage ride.
Check it out!
Once you get on the site exit out of the black box "speed" and zoom in on the "go" sign.
Hopefully this works. If not let me know and I can post another way to see the ride.

The terrain was anywhere from blast up through the trees to a sidehill that was close to 200 feet long that was not for the weak of heart..  "Picture above"
This was after 3 people had already cut into the hill.
I would love to do this ride again on one of my monthly rides. This ride will be for experts only.

Dont forget to sign up for this months ride.. Jan. 22nd
If you have any questions please give me a shout.

As always thanks for following my Blog.

Lets Ride!
David Chadderdon

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What to carry in your sled for survival

Some friends asked me the other day, "What should I carry with me in case I have to stay the night while snowmobiling"?
I told them what I carried and then I thought I should write this down and put this info on my Blog..

First off you need to make sure you have a couple of different ways to start a fire.
I pack a good wind proof lighter along with a magnesium striker.
Matches always seem to break up and are worthless if it's windy.
To start the fire I carry "Fire Paste." This comes in a tube like toothpaste and is easy to carry. Put a little on some sticks and light it. It's as easy as that.
To keep warm I always carry the shake hand warmers, which work great to warm your fingers back up when you have your gloves off to start the fire.
As for space blankets I use "Heatsheets" I carry the Emegency Bivvy and the Survival Blanket.
The Bivvy is similar to a sleeping bag and you can get into it. These will hold up to 90% of your body heat.
As for the blanket, I would use this for either a roof or a floor depending on what I may need it for.
Candles, If you either make a windproof shelter or end up in a cabin it's nice to have light.
A saw,  A lot of today's shovels have a saw inside connected to the handle and they work great.
A multi-purpose knife... Leatherman..
A small flashlight.
A signal mirror. If you need to signal someone the mirror works great.
A whistle.
An aluminium cup to melt snow if you run out of water.
I went to Sportsman and I spent less than $50.00 on all of this.
Make sure you pack all these items in some kind of protected bag or case.

On extra clothing I like to carry 2 extra pairs of gloves and an extra hat.
The experts suggest also another pair of socks.
Food, Snacks and water. I always carry a big bottle of water and a small bottle of Gatorade.
On snacks I like to always keep a snickers bar a couple of trail bars, ie.. Cliff bars, Granola bars,
and lots of beef jerky.
You need to remember that the beef jerky is loaded with salt and will dehydrate you so if you are stranded you may not want to chow down on lots of jerky if your water supply is limited.

Radios are a must with big groups. My group uses the Rhino 120's. These have the GPS functions, so if I can talk to them the GPS will show me where who ever I am talking to is on the monitor.

You can never have enough equipment to ensure your safety for any situation but with this info you should be able to survive a few of the things that Mother Nature may throw at you.

I am not an expert survivalists.
But I do believe in being as prepared as possible.

If you have any questions you would like me to address send me an email.

Thanks for reading, and happy sledding!